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Comments –

Bob Braun – Rusty Staub died at the age of 73 due to complications from a heart attack.

Bob Braun – JR Richardson added new-born Joseph to his family. Joey R will wear jersey number 3.

Jeff Hobbs - We’re about to have the twins (surgery in just a few minutes).  Should I give you all Vin Scully style play-by-play on this?


Marty Fiehl - cid:image001.png@01D41541.F5FA8300


Hey Jeff! Guess your afternoon is going to be a bit different than mine.


Similar to what Ernie Banks would say: “Let’s Play Two!” You’re in for a long day of it!


(Though I’m guessing Ernie never pushed two bowling balls out of his lower orifice…otherwise he would be happy to stop at one!)


Congrats to you and the wife on your new arrivals! I’m rooting for THREE generations of Hobbs’ in the TCBA!!


Bob Wood -  I'll second that motion - a third generation of Hobbs!


Bob Braun - Teach them how to slide head first!!! It’s a safe call all the way! And the wife will surely appreciate that!


Marty Fiehl - Jeff’s camera phone broke, so he had the nurse draw a quick re-creation…



Jim Lafargue - From the brother of twin girls, I wish you and your increased family the best of health and fortune.

Mike Kane - Back when Sean was born in 1978, the Doc was sitting there at the end the of the table, Trish in the stirrups...smoking a Camel. Yeah, different age…


Jeff Hobbs - Status update (you did NOT want the play-by-play):


The rookies got called up 4 days before their scheduled call-up / C-section. Elizabeth Marie Hobbs was born 16.25 inches and 4 lb., 3 oz. at 3:03 p.m. Jay Alexander "Don't Leave Me Alone in Here" Hobbs was born 17 inches (ahem, that’s body length, Marty) and 4 lb., 9.6 oz. at 3:04 p.m.


Said the mama to the papa roundabout the fifth inning, “Please don’t ever do this to me again.” Babies are tiny but active and healthy. I’m leaving the hospital right now to get mama some McDonald’s fries.


Marty Fiehl – Papparazzi Pics of a 'couple of Rookies in Hobbs camp'


cid:image001.png@01D415E1.1BAFD4C0  Elizabeth Marie and cid:image002.png@01D415E1.1BAFD4C0  Jay Alexander… (who’s going to get picked on in Nursery school due to his wardrobe….and future peanut allergy.)


….and when Mama says: “Please don’t ever do this to me again” …unfortunately, she means it.  That’s why many of us are in more than one APBA league.


ENJOY it, Jeff!  Hard to believe, but this time is going to go by fast!  It won’t seem it now, but once those two knuckleheads start driving, you’ll wish they could be back in the crib, where you can keep an eye on them!


Marty Fiehl (Reporting Series 13 Results) - Fargo (is) on top of the Atlantic, though it will be the last time he's on top of anyone, after the birth of his two brand new Fungoes yesterday afternoon!   Congratulations!



The Luxury Box at the Birthing Center with the crowd cheering for the new arrivals to the team!!!   Welcome to the Big Leagues, Jeff!


Remember this?


Kiss that goodbye!




Image may contain: Jeff Hobbs, sleeping, closeup and indoor  Image may contain: one or more people, people sleeping, people sitting and baby


Jeff Hobbs – (The real deal… A pair of Fungo rookies)


Marty Fiehl – We hacked into the Front Office computers of the Innisfree Dukes this afternoon.

 In a Directory marked “Scouting”

 We found a Folder marked “2021 Free Agent Forecasts”

 Clicking on it, we found the words in bold type:

 “Go ALL IN on this guy!  He’s the Real Deal!  Push the chips to the center of the table and let’s BUILD around this asset!”    (Marketing Dept signs off on it with their blessing!)

Concessions thinks he can double sales!  Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!



Bob Wood - Poor guy is just trying to get a "head."


Jeff Hobbs - The Fungo swoon continues with a 3-2 series loss to Edinburgh... we have won 5 of our last 15 games but hope to turn things around next week against Innisfree.


JR Richardson -  "Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you." --Satchel Paige



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