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Comments –

Jim Lafargue – (In advertising for trade possibilities)

…”He is Al Alburquerque, signed for 2016 with the LA Angels (or whatever they call themselves now). Best third or fourth round free agent pick gets him.”


Marty Fiehl - Al is currently playing in a Winter Rand McNally League.

These guys are barnstormers like you've never seen before, they’re all over the place!

They max out their frequent flyer miles on the first road trip.


His team is in first place, Al is heading up the bullpen, a major stop on the relief map, and he's backed by quality fielders all around the diamond.


Sammy Sacramento at first.

When Sammy was a Free Agent, it looked like another Gold Rush, as more money was thrown at him then at the only straight pole dancer on the Isle of Lesbos.  When you’re the only game in town, the price goes up, and Sammy took advantage of the market, signing with the Mets for 4 mil now, and a 150 million dollar balloon payment in 40 years when they get out from under the Madoff debacle.   Sammy’s going to have some comfortable years in the Nursing Home.


A keystone combo of:  and Pepe Pensacola and Cookie Cucamonga……affectionately known as “Spic and Span”.   They clean up on any ball hit up the middle of the diamond.


The Big Swede, Johan Yosemite can be seen yodeling around the firstbase bag…..he’s a neutral fielder, league average hitter, and neutral in WAR.     But he’s willing to hold onto everybody’s paycheck until they’re ready to cash in on a better tax situation.


And holding down the Hot Corner is Homer “Hot Springs” Calhoun.   A baseball scout discovered him just wandering around an empty ballfield in his bare feet, looking for a pickup game, his teeth, and his pants.  Homer has fast reflexes and slow synapses.


Behind the plate is Frenchy “Fireplug” Bordeaux.   He brings International fan appeal to the squad.  Short and fat by American standards, but the ladies just love his French accent.  A bottle of wine and 30 minutes with Frenchy, and he has them saying “Oui” to just about anything he suggests.   “Tools of ignorance”, my ass!  The man’s a genius. Might be a little weak at the plate, but his dick is going to get ‘erected’ to the Hall of Fame on the first vote.


In Left they have Benny “St Paul” Bunyan.   Solid as an oak, moves just about as fast, but put some lumber in his hand and watch him crush the ball over the wall!


Center field is totally blanketed by the Rapid City Rabbit… Bugs Bunning.    His parents groomed him to be a pitcher but started him on the path a little too young.    After his TJ surgery during Spring Break in kindergarten, they noticed he was running circles around the big kids on the playground.  So they put his speed to good use and taught him to play centerfield.  Now he covers more ground than an outdoor meeting of Overeaters Anonymous.


Right field is home to the Team MVP, Andre “Dawson City” Kutchercokkov.

Hi might be Russian, but he takes his time in the batter’s box, leading the league in walks, he makes sure the pitch is in his wheel house before he commits.  And when he does, it flies like Sputnik!   Andre hit a few into orbit that still haven’t been found!


Well, that’s the team, a well-travelled bunch.  No Home games, all on the Road.


Okay, I’m going back to sleep now.


Sad NewsYoung star Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident in Miami in the early morning of September 25, 2016. All of baseball, as well as the extended TCBA family, mourned his loss.


Scott Brown - Horseshoe Bay will forfeit the remainder on the 2016 schedule as we mourn the loss of Jose Fernandez.  I am truly speechless.

JR Richardson - I just wanted to take a second to type out my sincere and heartfelt gratitude for all of your thanks and recognition. I wouldn't have been able to make a speech when Marty handed me the plaque (because I was too busy trying to overcome tears), but I think I can compose a couple now. I've always been better behind a keyboard anyway.

It's awe-inspiring, and just plain inspiring, to think about all of the years that the TCBA has behind it. I've run my own league for nigh on 17 years now, and that's not even close to half of what the TCBA has under its belt. Also, I've been in the TCBA for 8 years, and it feels like it has been a part of my life for much longer. I can't imagine how it must feel for those of you who have been in the league for a generation (or more). But I have a great sense of pride that I am a part of something this lasting and this meaningful. And I sense that it's obvious that I put a lot of heart and soul into the league myself.

Many things have changed in my life since the Spring of 2009, when I took over the cesspool that was the original Rochester Cheetahs. I run a simulation baseball league, but the Cheetahs were my first, and are my only (and will probably always be my only), team of my very own. Jeff (and Marty, probably) can attest that I often lived and died with every game. (Not a good idea in baseball.) It took a great deal of luck to put together the caliber of team that I did, and it took quite a bit more luck to navigate the gauntlet that is the TCBA postseason. But I put a lot of hard work into the team (especially in those years before I was married and had 2 kids -- I remember the days when I spent my entire Spring Break doing nothing but composing my draft research), and it meant a lot to me that I could see it pay off. Still, given the odds (24 teams) and the number of seriously smart owners in this league, I knew how difficult it would be to win a title. Yesterday, I was in disbelief that it actually happened.

Most of all, though, I want to thank those of you who came before me and those of you who helped me get to this point. I could never have built a legitimate team without the help of Marty and Jeff in the beginning, both of whom gave me so much invaluable advice. And I wouldn't have cared so much to pore so much time and effort into the team if it weren't so darn enjoyable to be with everyone for that magical weekend every Spring. The reason that this means so much to me is because the league means so much to you. And the league means so much to you that you took the time to welcome a punk kid who didn't have anything about life figured out (not that I have it figured out now, but I might be 10% better) and guide him to the point that he could win a championship. I always felt welcome and I always felt like you were rooting for me. It made me want to have a good team even more. And I appreciate that.

I appreciate Bob Braun, who always looked over at me with a smile yesterday, even when Carlos Carrasco was going 3-3 and Wade Davis was giving up homers. I don't know if I could have done that. I appreciate Bob Wood, who was so kind last year when I was so petulant about the team that I thought was going to win it all. I appreciate Al and Tom and Marty for the great series. Heck, I even appreciate Jeff, who beat me in the first playoff series I ever played. I had to pay my dues, right?

But most of all, I want you to know that I appreciate all of you, even those I didn't specifically name. Because I started a league when I was 20 and I know how much it means to me. I can imagine the point at which I might start handing it off to the next generation, so I can somewhat envision how I would feel. So I want you all to know that I have the utmost respect for the history and the tradition and the great times and the great stories that you have all shared, and I feel honored to have written my name into a little corner of it. Thank you for giving me the chance to do it.

Marty FiehlHats off to Walt for negotiating and contracting for all the arrangements, and leading the expedition to FIND the hotel, which turned out to be perfect for our needs!  It’ll be great to have Walt there next year to enjoy the fruits of his labors!


To Bob B and Jim Mac for arriving a day early and setting up the conference room and handling all the video/audio so necessary to keeping all the TeamViewer guys in the Drafts!


To Mac and Bob B for running the drafts, and for Woody, working steadily in the back to record the drafts and update the data disk ‘in real time’ so he was able to produce the new seasons disk within an hour or so of the completion of both Rookie and Free Agent Draft.


Woody and Al had the longest flight to get there, and Don Hirsch had the longest drive. (all the way from Florida)

(Don also lost the moniker of “The New Guy”….as that has now been handed down to Aaron!   The Manager of the Hilton Head franchise enjoyed his first, of hopefully many, Annual Drafts.   He’s a welcome addition to our league and it looks like the Atlantic division will be very competitive and a lot of fun for years to come.)


But the Scranton manager wins the prize for “furriest and most satisfied roommate”.


…Daisy is looking forward to Harrisburg 2018!


Bob Wood - Congratulations on the championship, J.R., but you've been a champion in so many ways, ever since you joined the league.  We're happy to have you (and your brother-in-law) and all the "younger" generation helping us old fogies along.

And, Jeff, what a wonderful presentation you made (he said sheepishly).


John Christopher - Congratulations JR! You have definitely earned this Championship putting together a string of quality teams now. Always good to see great sportsmanship in this league. I have to admit that Tiger Bay was pulling for JR. Not just because we are in the same division, or that we are good friends, but solely for the reason he knocked me out of the playoffs in the last series of the season 😉! Now I was just happy to even be in that position because we all know that the Atlantic Division was going to be yours this season. However, you were very humble and gracious in your victory. Congratulations again.


Bob Braun - Did you know that Franchise #11, represented by the Rochester Cheetahs, had never even been to, let alone win, a league championship final series before this season? And they did it during the birthday weekend of the former Franchise #11 owner, the late Bill Kirwin? Did someone slip a Bud Light into the beer cooler?


Marty Fiehl - ….and now even Bill Kirwin, is lifting a can of Bud, wherever his soul may have settled, to JR’s Championship victory!

Bill tried very hard for many dedicated years, but just couldn’t guide his Kennett Komets into the post-season.


      This BUD’s FOR YOU franchise #11 !!


Aaron Anderson - I wanted to thank everyone for such a very warm welcome into the league.  I count myself as very lucky to have been given a spot in this long running league (not to mention a contending team). I had a great time meeting everyone, and spending the weekend focused on baseball. I look forward to next year already.  

It was great seeing everyone in Harrisburg! Congrats to JR for winning the championship! Thanks to Walt for another great venue! Thanks to Marty, Bob, Mac and Woody for keeping the league running so well! And, thanks to all for your friendship! It is valued. Let's shoot for a full house at our annual meeting in 2018!


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