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NY Yankees vs Detroit Tigers: 1934

NY Giants vs NY Yankees: 1936 World Series: Game 3

1949 World Series

Swing Hits: Music

Cab Calloway & his Orchestra: The Scat Song

Joe DiMaggio Show

World News 1943

Jack Benny Show 1944: Jack Throws a Swimming Party

Jack Benny Show 1949: Rochester Is Shocked by an Electric Alarm Clock

Jack Benny Show 1950: with Guests: Amos & Andy

Jack Benny Show 1952: Return Visit from the IRS

Dizzy Dean Interview

Abbott and Costello: Who's On First?

Abbott and Costello: Opening a Gas Station

Amos & Andy 1943: Marriage Counselor



Baseball: Inning 7 The Capital of Baseball

Tom Meade: “God Bless America”

The Simpsons: Homer at the Bat

Revised: 12/2014