Micro-Managers In Use

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updated 7/07/2023
  ORIGINS   TODAY   MicroManager Files  
  Bergen Ned Jennings II   Beacon Tony Soprano   Click to Download  
  Bradenton Frank Terry   Bethesda Buck Miller IV   Alexander Cartwright I 2017  
  Buffalo Ned Jennings II   Bradenton Cap Spalding IV   Bibb Holmes    
  Cleveland Np. Ned Jennings II   Eastport Buck Miller IV   Billy Martin I 2014  
  Cleveland Sp. Ned Jennings II   Edinburgh Cap Spalding IV   Billy Martin IV 2014  
  Grand Rapids Ned Jennings II   Fargo Buck Miller IV   Bingo Long I 2015  
  Hereford     Farmington Buck Miller II   Buck Miller I updated 2023  
  Hyde Park Frank Terry   Grand Rapids Cap Spalding IV   Buck Miller II updated 2023  
  London Caleb West   Gunpowder Cap Spalding IV   Buck Miller III updated 2023  
  Long Island Ned Jennings II   Hamilton Billy Martin IV   Buck Miller IV updated 2023  
  Riverrun Ned Jennings II   Hereford Cap Spalding IV   Buck Miller V updated 2023  
  Mimosa Frank Terry   Hilton Head Buck Miller IV   Bucky Wilson  version 6  
  Pittsburgh Ned Jennings II   Horseshoe Bay Cap Spalding IV   Butch Kelly II version 4  
  So. Starrucca Ned Jennings II   Innisfree Cap Spalding IV   Caleb West 2012  
  Turin Frank Terry   Long Island Cap Spalding IV   Cap Spalding IV 2015  
  Waukesha Alexander Cartwright   Mimosa Buck Miller IV   Chappy Ross I 2022  
        Morgantown Buck Miller IV   Chappy Ross II 2022  
  Newark Grady Michaels   Chappy Ross III 2022  
  Pittsburgh Buck Miller V   Chappy Ross IV 2022  
  Rochester Judge Griffith   Coleman 2015  
  Scranton Buck Miller I   Cookie Lopez    
  Silver Spring Buck Miller IV   Cookie Lopez II version 4  
  Waukesha Buck Miller IV   D'Artagnan Caillouet 2017  
  West Coast Buck Miller IV   Duke Robinson III 2014  
        Frank Terry 2009  
  Grady Michaels    
  George Clarke 2021  
  Hack Gilbert II 2015  
  Hooks Foreman 2022  
  Hughie Collins 2006  
  Jake Conley    
  Juice Rogers  2020  
  Judge Griffith 2020  
  Kingfish Boudreau I 2021  
  Kingfish Boudreau II 2021  
  Kingfish Boudreau III 2021  
  Muddy Harris II version 3  
  Nap Clarke    
  Narcisse Bergeron 2017  
  Ned Jennings    
  Ned Jennings II 2019  
  Sparks Cinquerman 2021  
  Tony Soprano 2014