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Hank Aaron Claims Home Run Crown

Aaron connects for #785


Move over Barry, here comes Henry! The TCBA world was rewarded for their patience recently, when the Bergen Barflies long-time slugger, Hank Aaron, finally broke the all-time TCBA record for home runs. Aaron's blast to left field was the 785th of his career, breaking  the mark previously set by steroid-laden Barry Bonds.

Aaron, who has announced his retirement at the conclusion of the season, has spent his entire 19-season career with the Bergen Barflies, playing for Stu McCorkindale at John Barleycorn Stadium.  At the post-game press conference following the historic home run, McCorkindale had this to say:

"Thanks to all for making the past twenty plus seasons possible and a special nod to the GM in the sky who let me hang around long enough to reap what I had sown with the Birmingham Basher."

The game against the Fortney Gators was broadcast live on TCBA radio, and Uncle Ernie made the call:

 Hank Aaron facing Carl Scheib, Bottom of the 6th, 1 Out, Runner on 1st, Bergen ahead 4-3.

Now the pitch ... hit toward Zernial in deep left ... he's chasing it down he's at the warning track ... and he watches it sail over the wall ...

Home run for Hank and two runs score!!!

So Aaron has his 11th homer ... the Barflies add two more runs ... the score now 6-3 ... that extends the streak ... he's hit in 9 straight games ...

785 homers now for Aaron - that's a new TCBA record!.

With Aaron's pending retirement, fans have shown interest in active sluggers who might eventually challenge Aaron's mark. The following chart shows that it will be awhile before Aaron's title will be threatened:

3, Willie Mays 603

4. Alex Rodriguez 600

13. Babe Ruth 529

Bergen's long-time skipper, Stu McCorkindale

Fortney's Carl Scheib gave up Aaron's historic 785th home run,