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Collision Is Nigh!!




With the launch of TCBAs 1943 season, the 95th season in the leagues long history, TCBA arrives at the end of its Gold retro league experiment. Spanning the first half of the 20th century, the final TCBA Gold season will complete a series of 23 Major League Baseball seasons - 1920-1942.

Simultaneously, TCBA Yesterday has moved into the final third of the 1944 ML season (TCBA45), leaving only the final retro league season of ML1943, currently scheduled to be completed in late 2018. What began as a humorous conversation between the late Stu McCorkindale and founding TCBA member Bob Braun in the mid-90s evolved into a 53-season addition to the TCBA history, from ML 1920 through ML 1973.

Overall, including the yet-to-be-played final Yesterday season of ML 1943, TCBA will have played parts or all of 97 seasons by the end of 2018.

The collision of the two worlds, Gold and Yesterday, does not signal the end of the line for retro play, however. Working diligently to prepare for the next great experiment, Bob Wood and Bob Braun plan for a major announcement shortly after the launch of the final TCBA Yesterday season. With an eye toward closing the gap in its 20th century history, TCBA will launch TCBA Origins, a nineteen season effort from 1901-1919. This league will offer TCBA the opportunity to truly live up to its original moniker The 20th Century Baseball Association by adding the nineteen seasons missing from the 100 total seasons of baseball from the century of our birth.

The big bang from the collision of worlds will give birth to a new effort TCBA Origins.